1645 December 31 (before), unknown location Nicolas Daoust and Jeanne Aubert CE COUPLE, PARENTS DE L'ANCÊTRE GUILLAUMJE DAOUST, A FAIT L'OBJET D'UNE RECHERCHE EXHAUSTIVE EN FRANCE. VOIR: MSGCF VOL. 60, NUMÉRO 1, CAHIER 259 (PRINTEMPS 2009). This couple, parents of ancestor Guillaume Daoust, has had an exhaustive search in France. See MSGCF VOL. 60, NUMBER 1, BOOK 259 (SPRING 2009). from the Programme de recherche en démographie historique (PRDH, Research Programme in Historical Demography), Université de Montréal Nicolas Daoust and Jeanne Aubert -> Guillaume Daoust and Marie Madeleine Lalonde -> Guillaume Daoust and Marie Elisabeth Isabelle Pilon -> Claude Daoust and Ursule Jamme -> Ursule Doaust and Joseph Turpin -> Joseph Turpin and Angelique Makwa -> Cecilia Turpin and Michael Kilcool -> Jane Kilcool and Joseph Coursolle -> Irene Coursolle and Norman Sheppard -> Allan Sheppard and Elizabeth Goodwin -> Alice Sheppard and James Dennis -> James Dennis and Marvel Ohmann -> Sandy Dennis More... Passenger and Immigration Lists Index, 1500s-1900s Name: Jeanne Aubert Year: 1669 Place: Quebec, Canada Source Publication Code: 4514.3 Primary Immigrant: Aubert, Jeanne Annotation: Orphans in France, Pioneers in Canada: The King's Daughters in the 17th Century. Part 2: Biographical List of the King's Daughters. Most are date and port of arrival; a few are date and place of first mention of residence in the New World. This book is am. Source Bibliography: LANDRY, YVES. Orphelines en France, pionnieres au Canada: Les Filles du roi au XVIIe siecle. Montreal: Lemeac Editeur, 1992. 438p. Part 2: Repertoire Biographique Des Filles Du Roi, pp. 265-379. Page: 271 - FamilyImages

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